Base4 Sistemas announces the first release of Barista, an application for Android designed for restaurants and alike.

On september 8th, 2013, Base4 Sistemas Ltda released their first version of an Android application designed for restaurantes and alike, called Base4 Barista, that is available for download on Google Play and is free for use in training mode.

It is an application for Android, designed for 7″ tablets or larger screen-sizes, so the waiters can do customer service, taking orders, querying tables and requesting table closing.

Using tablets with Base4 Barista for customer service, besides very pratical and helping to avoid common service errors, completes the automation of the establishment by allowing current backend systems to be easly and transparentely integrated, using proven effective integration tecnologies that are widely available.

Thus, using Barista application, common bottlenecks in customer services are eliminated such as the need for the waiter to carry the order to the kitchen. So, if the waiter do not need to carry orders to the kitchen he can immediately serve another customer and the order for the previous customer is already in the production line, causing a positive cascade effect in improving service.

In many establishments that have proposed to test the application before it was officially released, we observed an average increase of 67% in customer service efficiency. The growth of those percentages, came exactly from those establishments that were suffering from high customers flow, because the waiter simply do not need to walk through the restaurant hall. Besides, there was a significant improvement in inventory management of beverage and other ready-to-consume items.“, said Hildebrando G. Filho, CEO and business partner of Base4 Sistemas Ltda.

Another interesting feature is the clear distinction between the operating modes: training and production. In production mode the application will interoperate with the restaurant’s backend system to completion and/or authorization of certain operations like opening or closing tables. On the other hand, training mode offers a full usage experience, making employee training more simple and practical.

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